Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Gordito's Healthy Mexican Food

Gordito's Healthy Mexican Food -- Greenwood

Price -- Middle of the Road
Parking -- Minimal (unpaved area on the side of building)
Style -- Burritos
Seating -- Plenty of tables
Speed -- "Quick" food
Review time of day -- 4pm
Reservations -- N/A
Rating -- 3.5/5

   I went to Gordito's after hearing that it is has such wonderful food. I went there recently with my mom expecting a waiter style sit down restaurant, but was disappointed to find it to be a fast food style place. You order at the counter and take a pinata to your table. Hopefully you have enough people or hands to carry your basket of chips, dish of salsa, and your drink to your table yourself.
   After a bit of time, staff will show up at your table with your food. But they don't show up with utensils or napkins. We had none on our table and the waitstaff didn't even notice when she dropped off our food. The good customer service thing to do is to then offer to go get the utensils for you, or at least point out where they are.
   The menu looks deceivingly big, but in reality it breaks down to burritos either large or "Grande". The Grande burritos are HUGE and not bulked up with rice as is often the case with other places. The meat inside is well cooked and juicy, although lacking in spices. No hint of chilipowder, cumin or garlic powder anywhere. Instead they depend on salsa and quacamole to make the food wrap into a "burrito". When ordered medium spicy I didn't expect bland. I would really recommend getting it spicy if you go.
   The grande burrito is enough for at least 2 meals, and for the money that is a good deal. But if you want real mexican food, then this is not the place to go. If your idea of mexican food is Taco del Mar or Taco Bell, then run from the border and give gordito's a try. But I have had better spiced mexican food from lunch carts in parking lots.

Gordito's Healthy Mexican Food in Seattle

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